A.   Plumbing Code Adopted: The current uniform/international plumbing code, which has been adopted by the state for use in the state is hereby adopted by the city. Three (3) copies of the current code shall be filed for use and examination by the public in the office of the city recorder. (Ord. 2007-02, 1-24-2007)
   B.   Application And Scope: The provisions of this section shall apply to, but not be limited to, all new construction, relocated buildings and to any installation, alteration, repair or reconstruction of a plumbing system within the city, except as otherwise provided in this section. (1989 Code § 12-411)
   C.   Plumbing Inspector:
      1.   Created: There is hereby created the position of plumbing inspector.
      2.   Powers And Duties, Generally: The plumbing inspector shall issue permits to properly licensed, bonded and registered persons. Licensing should be for work to be done within the scope of this section. The plumbing inspector:
         a.   Shall order changes in workmanship and/or materials essential to enforce compliance with all provisions of the plumbing code.
         b.   Shall investigate any construction or work regulated by this section and issue such notices and orders as are necessary to prevent or correct dangerous or unsanitary conditions.
         c.   May recommend the revocation of any license to the state department of business regulation for cause, and report to the department of business regulation all violations of this section by journeymen, apprentices or contractors. (1989 Code § 12-412)
   D.   Allowance For Exception: Where structural conditions impose extreme difficulty in fully complying with the plumbing regulations of this section, any aggrieved party may apply in writing to the plumbing inspector for special permission to deviate from the regulations. If, in the judgment of the plumbing inspector, such deviation is reasonable and does not create an unsanitary or unsafe condition, he shall recommend to the governing body that the request for deviation be approved or disapproved, or that approval is subject to such conditions as the governing body may require. The governing body, on review, may approve or disapprove the application or vary the conditions on which approval is granted. (1989 Code § 12-413)
   E.   Permit Requirements:
      1.   Permit Required: No plumbing shall be installed, nor additions or alterations made in existing plumbing, except as provided in subsection E2 of this section, without first obtaining a permit. Application for such permits shall be in writing to the city recorder and shall describe the nature of the work to be done and affirm that the plumbing will conform to the plumbing code. No permit shall be issued to any applicant during the time that he shall fail to correct any defective plumbing installed by him after he has been notified in writing by the plumbing inspector of the defective work. (1989 Code § 12-418)
      2.   Exceptions:
         a.   Repairs which involve only the working parts of a faucet or valve, the clearance of stoppages, the repairing of leaks or the replacement of defective faucets or valves may be made without a permit; provided, that the permits shall be procured to replace fixtures, traps, soil, waste and vent pipes, unless waived by the plumbing inspector.
         b.   Any person regularly employed by an owner or lessee of property, or his agent, for the sole purpose of operating and maintaining such property and to make minor repairs thereof, and any owner or lessee of property shall be exempt from the provisions of this section when doing work for which permits are not required. (1989 Code § 12-422)
      3.   Homeowner Permit: Any permit required by this section may be issued to any person to do any plumbing or drainage work regulated by this section in a single-family dwelling used exclusively for living purposes, including the usual accessory buildings and quarters in connection with such buildings in the event that any such person is the bona fide owner of any such dwelling and accessory buildings and quarters, and that the same are occupied by or designed to be occupied by the owner; and further provided, that the owner shall furnish the plumbing inspector with a complete layout drawing of the proposed work, satisfies the plumbing inspector that he has a working knowledge of the requirements contained in this section, pays the necessary fees and calls for all inspections required by this section. (1989 Code § 12-423)
      4.   Expiration Of Permit: Every permit issued by the plumbing inspector shall expire and become null and void if the work authorized by such permit is not commenced within one hundred (100) days from the date such permit is issued, or if the work authorized by such permit is suspended or abandoned at any time after the work is commenced for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days or more. (1989 Code § 12-420; amd. 2007 Code)
      5.   Denial Of Permit: The plumbing inspector may refuse to issue permits for any plumbing work to any person who has had a permit revoked in accordance with this chapter during such time as such person fails to perform plumbing work in conformance with this section. (1989 Code § 12-421)
      6.   Revocation Of Permit: The plumbing inspector may revoke any permit when the person to whom the permit is issued fails, neglects or refuses to do the work thereunder in conformance with this section, or when the permit is issued in error. (1989 Code § 12-419)
   F.   Fees And Charges:
      1.   Permit Fees: The fee for each permit shall be in such amount as established by resolution of the city council. (1989 Code § 12-424; amd. 2007 Code)
      2.   Reinspection Charge: After notice that any plumbing work is ready for inspection, if the plumbing inspector calls at the place designated to make such inspection and finds the work not ready for inspection, he may charge an additional fee of thirty dollars ($30.00) for each additional inspection required, except that the governing body may from time to time change the inspection fee required in this subsection by resolution. (1989 Code § 12-425; amd. 2007 Code)
   G.   Right Of Entry: The plumbing inspector shall have the right of entry within reasonable hours to any building or premises for the purpose of inspection, or to investigate any work or conditions governed by this section. (1989 Code § 12-414)
   H.   Power To Condemn: The plumbing inspector is hereby empowered to condemn and order repaired, removed, replaced or changed any plumbing found in any unsanitary condition or not in accordance with this section. Failure to comply with the order within a reasonable time is an infraction, subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code. (1989 Code § 12-416; amd. 2007 Code)
   I.   Interest In Sale Or Installation Of Equipment Prohibited: The plumbing inspector and his assistants shall not in any way engage in the sale or installation of plumbing equipment upon which they are required to make inspection hereunder. (1989 Code § 12-417)
   J.   Refusal To Comply: It shall be unlawful for any owner, agent or occupant of any building or premises to fail, neglect or refuse to repair, remove, replace or change within ten (10) days after written notice to do so from the plumbing inspector, any plumbing condemned by such inspector; provided, that this subsection shall not apply to any occupant not responsible for the installation or repair of the condemned plumbing. (1989 Code § 12-426)
   K.   Penalty:
      1.   The violation of any provision of this section by any homeowner, building owner or manager of any building, apartment, hotel, motel or other structure shall be an infraction, subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code.
      2.   The violation of any provision of this section by any person who receives payment or anything of value for performing such work shall be a class B misdemeanor, subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code. (1989 Code § 12-427; amd. 2007 Code)