A.   Building Code Adopted: The current uniform/international building standard/code, which has been adopted by the state for use in the state, is hereby adopted by the city. Three (3) copies of the current code shall be filed for use and examination by the public, in the office of the city recorder. (Ord. 2007-02, 1-24-2007)
   B.   Permit And Approval Requirements:
      1.   Application For Permit: A building permit shall be secured from the building department on written application accompanied by plans and specifications in duplicate, which must state the specific nature of the construction or alteration to be made. The plan must be verified by the person who will perform or be in charge of the construction or alterations. (1989 Code § 12-212; amd. 2007 Code)
      2.   Approval Of Plan: The application and plans shall be forwarded from the building department to the building official, who shall review the plan to determine whether the proposed construction or alteration conforms to the building codes and ordinances of the city. The building official shall return the plans with the statement "approved" if the plans do conform or "disapproved" if the plans do not conform. If the plans are disapproved, the reasons therefor shall be annexed to the plans. Upon receipt of an approved plan, the building department shall issue a permit to the applicant, together with one set of the approved plan. One set of the plans shall be retained by the building department. The building official may revoke at any time a permit which has been issued for any building constructed, or being constructed, or which would be or result, if constructed, in a violation of any ordinance of the city. (1989 Code § 12-213; amd. 2007 Code)
      3.   Variations Of Plan Prohibited: No material variation from the approved plan shall be allowed unless such variation shall first have been approved in writing by the building official. (1989 Code § 12-214)
      4.   Penalty; Exception:
         a.   It shall be a class C misdemeanor for any homeowner, and a class B misdemeanor for any person who receives payment or anything of value, to construct or alter any building or structure, except as exempted by the building codes, without first securing the permit required by this chapter.
         b.   This section shall not apply where the retail cost of the materials used in the construction or alteration is less than five hundred dollars ($500.00), except that it shall apply in all cases where the construction or alteration results in an enlarged structure or affects the walls of the building or structure. (1989 Code § 12-210; amd. 2007 Code)
   C.   Building Permit Fee Schedule: The city recorder shall collect a building permit fee, which shall be in such amount as adopted by resolution of the city council. The determination of value or valuation shall be made by the building official using the building valuation data in said resolution, which is on file in the city office. (Ord. 98-14, 5-13-1998; amd. 2007 Code)
   D.   Fencing Along Desert Tortoise Habitat Conservation Plan Reserve: No building permit on any structure on any property which borders the Washington County desert tortoise habitat conservation plan (HCP) reserve shall be issued unless the HCP has first issued a written approval for a fencing plan along the border of the reserve. It shall be unlawful for any person to erect a structure in violation of this subsection or to fail to comply with an approved fencing plan. (Ord. 97-4, 1-8-1997)