A.   Prohibited Hours: Sprinkler irrigation of all lawns and landscapes is prohibited between the hours of ten o'clock (10:00) A.M. and eight o'clock (8:00) P.M. from the first Sunday of April of each year to the last Sunday of October of each year (daylight saving time).
   B.   Applicability; Exceptions: The provisions of this section shall apply to all landscapes within the city. This section does not apply in the following situations:
      1.   New lawns that require frequent irrigation for establishment purposes within ninety (90) days of planting;
      2.   Short cycles required for testing, inspecting and maintaining irrigation systems;
      3.   Landscape water is allowed on any day if using a handheld hose, a soaker hose, a five (5) gallon or less capacity bucket, a watering can, bubbler or drip irrigation system;
      4.   Private wells, wastewater effluent, aerobic septic systems, nursery plant stock and the watering of golf course greens that do not require the use of potable water are exempt from these restrictions.
   C.   Penalty: Any person, firm or corporation or other entity found in violation of any provision of this section shall be punished as follows:
      1.   The first offense will generate the issuance of a warning only;
      2.   The second offense will require an appearance before the Washington City justice court for a judgment not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00);
      3.   The third offense will be a mandatory one hundred dollar ($100.00) fine; and
      4.   The fourth offense, and each offense thereafter, will be a fine of five hundred dollars ($500.00). (Ord. 2004-23, 6-23-2004)