A.   Responsible Developers. Where right-of-way park strip improvements require trees in accordance with an approved Development Plan/Agreement, the Developer shall install all Shade Trees and conform in all respects to the terms and details of approved development plans and shall bond with the City for the Shade Tree improvements. The bond will be sufficient to cover installation, maintenance and warranty of the trees for one year after planting.
   B.   Shade Tree Manual. All Shade Trees will be planted in accordance with the Shade Tree Manual. The Parks Director, or designee will inspect Shade Tree Plantings.
   C.   Planting Shade Trees. To ensure adequate care, irrigation, and landscape management, Shade Trees shall not be planted in planter strips in front of a home until construction of the development along any street in a new development is at least eighty percent (80%) complete or the home is occupied.
   D.   Watering Shade Trees. It will be the responsibility of the Developer to water and maintain Shade Trees for the first year after planting. After that time, the property owner, or their agent, will be responsible.
   E.   Root Guard. Root Guard as defined in subsection 6-4-5(8) hereof, shall be installed as described. (Ord. 2022-09, 3-9-2022)