A.   Contracting For Perpetual Care: No grave on a lot purchased prior to enactment date hereof shall be hereafter opened in the cemetery of the city until perpetual care upon the lot where the grave is to be opened shall have been contracted for with the city, or perpetual care thereon paid. Should it be the desire of any person to have a grave opened and the body interred therein and perpetual care shall not have been previously contracted for or paid in full for the lot therein, the person shall pay the full purchase price for perpetual care of seventy five dollars ($75.00) per lot as authorized by the city.
   B.   Care Included: The essential perpetual care that the city agrees to provide on all lots sold prior to the enactment of this section and for which the perpetual care has been paid shall consist of care of the cemetery generally, and shall include, but is not limited to, mowing of all lots and graves at reasonable intervals, resodding, seeding and filling in sunken graves, sodding the surface of the graves to lot level, removing dead flowers and trimming trees and shrubbery when necessary, raking and cleaning the lots and straightening of tilting stones or markers, but shall not include repairing or replacing markers or memorial structures of any nature, except when the need for repair or replacement is directly caused by the city.
   C.   Perpetual Care Fund:
      1.   Created:
         a.   There hereby is established a perpetual care fund according to the laws of the state and this chapter. All funds received from the sale of perpetual care services shall be placed in a special perpetual care fund, invested in compliance with the laws of the state and used for the purposes herein provided.
         b.   The income from the perpetual care fund shall be used to pay upkeep and the development of the cemetery. The city may borrow from the fund from time to time, but any funds borrowed shall be repaid to the fund with interest thereon at the prevailing rate paid by the city to borrow funds from commercial lenders.
         c.   If the city borrows from the fund, it shall pay into a fund for the operation of the cemeteries the interest accrued upon money annually. Should it be found that the interest returned upon the perpetual care funds shall be more than is required to pay for the operation and upkeep of the municipal cemetery, then the surplus shall be added to the principal amount of the perpetual care fund herein created, and shall be so handled until changed by resolution to provide for the use of such accumulated interest.
      2.   Duties Of Treasurer: It shall be the duty of the city treasurer to keep an accurate record of the perpetual care trust fund account, including investments, to see that the principal portion thereof is properly invested in accordance with resolutions of the governing body and the laws of the state, and to advise the mayor when funds are available for investment in the amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) or more. The mayor shall advise the governing body of the availability of such funds.
      3.   Duty Of Governing Body: It shall be the duty of the governing body when funds are available for investment to direct by resolution all purchases of securities for the perpetual care fund or to name a suitable trustee for such investment.
      4.   Income: All income from investments held in the perpetual care fund shall be quarterly credited to the cemetery maintenance fund for use in providing the perpetual care as required herein. (Ord. 99-31, 11-10-1999)