A.   Collection Of Fees: The city recorder, and such other persons as the governing body may designate, are hereby authorized and required to collect in advance prices and fees for the opening and closing of graves or other services which shall include, but not be limited to, properly disinterring bodies and properly restoring the earth and grounds, and recording each burial, disinterment or removal. The fees shall be such amounts as are determined by the governing body from time to time by resolution.
   B.   Fee To Be Paid For Opening Grave:
      1.   No grave shall be opened in the municipal cemetery until payment of a fee for the labor and expense in so opening the grave shall be paid.
      2.   The presentation of a receipt from the city recorder or person designated by the governing body when presented to the cemetery superintendent, shall be authority to open a grave for the burial of a deceased person; however, upon a contract being entered into between any mortician and the city wherein the mortician agrees to be responsible and liable for fees for the opening of a grave, and wherein that mortician will be personally liable for such fees, the city recorder or authorized person may give the cemetery superintendent authority to open graves without the presentation of a receipt from the city recorder or authorized person.
   C.   Purchase Prices And Fees: The governing body shall from time to time by resolution fix the size of lots, the price at which burial rights shall be sold and the fees which shall be charged for the various cemetery services to be provided. (Ord. 99-31, 11-10-1999)