A.   Created: There is hereby created the position of cemetery superintendent. (1989 Code § 8-210)
   B.   Duties: The cemetery superintendent shall have the general supervision and administration of the municipal cemetery, including, but not limited to:
      1.   Recommending to the governing body such additional rules and regulations as may be necessary for the operation, maintenance, use and protection of the cemetery.
      2.   Subdividing the cemetery into lots and gravesites.
      3.   Maintaining a record of the location of the graves and preventing any lot from being used beyond its capacity.
      4.   Keeping in proper repair the enclosure around the cemetery and preventing its being entered by animals, and, so far as practical, preventing the destruction or defacing of any tablet or marker placed or erected therein.
      5.   Keeping a duplicate plat of the cemetery and, at the request of any person wishing to purchase any of the lots or parts of lots, pointing out any of the lots or parts of lots for sale; and upon disposal of any lots or part thereof, notifying the city recorder of such fact. The city recorder shall, after payment of the lot price has been received in the treasury, issue a certificate of burial rights, which shall describe the lot or grave to which the right to burial is granted. The certificate shall be signed by the mayor and the city recorder.
      6.   Opening any graves in the cemetery upon application to him being made by the city recorder or by any person having the right to make such application and being responsible for closing all graves.
      7.   Removing floral pieces or displays left on any grave as deemed necessary to the appearance of the cemetery, but such floral pieces or displays shall not be removed sooner than five (5) days after original placement, except in emergency.
      8.   Keeping the streets, alleys, walks and avenues in the cemetery in good order and unobstructed.
      9.   Erecting a suitable marker firmly set upon the northwest corner of each lot with the number of the lot inscribed thereon and which location shall be shown on the cemetery records. (1989 Code § 8-212)