General Provisions
   97.001   Vehicles not to injure streets
   97.002   Removal of snow and ice by owner; failure to remove
   97.003   Placing trash in street prohibited
   97.004   Signs prohibited on public streets
   97.005   Open doors and gratings prohibited
   97.006   Drainage prohibited on sidewalks
   97.015   Keeping sidewalks unobstructed
   97.016   Failure to comply
   97.017   Cost and collection
   97.018   Goods and personal property prohibited on sidewalks; failure to comply
   97.019   Structures prohibited on streets; exceptions
   97.020   Leaving sharp substances in the street unlawful
   97.021   Riding animals so as to obstruct sidewalks
   97.022   Congregating so as to obstruct sidewalks prohibited
   97.023   Signs and awnings not to extend over sidewalks; permits required
Construction and Repair
   97.035   Building materials on streets and sidewalks; permit required
   97.036   Private construction of streets and sidewalks
   97.037   Abutting sidewalks to be kept in repair; duty of owner
   97.038   Notice to repair
   97.039   Failure to comply
   97.040   Payment and collection
   97.041   Sidewalk size
   97.042   Approval by City Engineer required
   97.043   Sidewalk size variance; permit required
   97.044   Curbs and gutters to be installed by city
   97.045   Department heads and Committee to approve permits
   97.046   Permits for construction equipment and materials
   97.055   Permit to cut pavement required
   97.056   Application for permit
   97.057   Fees
   97.058   Permit to provide description of proposed excavation
   97.059   Replacing excavations; fees waived
   97.060   Warning light expired
   97.061   Fees associated with street cut repair
   97.062   Certification required of private contractor
   97.063   Application for certification
   97.064   Removal of sidewalk, curb and gutter unlawful
   97.065   Unlawful to blow grass into street
   97.066   Proper placement of leaves for city pickup
House Numbering System
   97.070   Numbering system established for houses and buildings
   97.071   Numbering system for new structures
   97.072   Unassigned numbers prohibited