General Provisions
   52.001   Definitions
   52.002   Prohibited dumping of objectionable waste
   52.003   Removal of unpolluted waters
   52.004   Use of storm sewers; permission required
   52.005   Discharge of waste waters into public property and natural outlets
   52.006   Owner responsible for installation of toilets
   52.007   Tampering with or damaging sewers prohibited
   52.008   Construction standards for sewers and manholes
   52.009   Application for sewage construction and extension projects; permit required; exceptions
   52.010   Payments in lieu of taxation
Private Sewage Disposal System
   52.020   Connection with building sewer
   52.021   Permit required; fee
   52.022   Superintendent to inspect installations
   52.023   Compliance with State Board of Health
   52.024   Connection with public sewer
   52.025   Maintenance of private sewage disposal facilities
   52.026   Noninterference with additional requirements
Building Sewers and Connections
   52.035   Permit required
   52.036   Classes of permits; fees
   52.037   Costs to be borne by owner; indemnification
   52.038   Separate building sewer required for every building; exceptions
   52.039   Use of old building sewer with new buildings
   52.039A   Building sewer clean-out required
   52.040   Building sewer specifications
   52.041   Gravity flow of building drain to public sewer
   52.042   Connection of surface runoff or ground water to public sewer
   52.043   Connection of building sewer to public sewer; conformance with applicable regulations
   52.044   Inspection of connection to public sewer
   52.045   Barricades and lights around sewer excavations; restoration of streets
Use of Public Sewers
   52.055   Prohibited discharges
   52.056   Pretreatment of equalization of waste flows
   52.057   Grease, oil, and sand interceptors
   52.058   Unpolluted water from air conditioners and cooling systems
   52.059   Maintenance of pretreatment or flow-equalizing facilities
   52.060   Control manhole: measurements; tests and analyzes
   52.061   Connection of drainage down spouts to sanitary sewer system
   52.062   Construction of new combined sewer prohibited
   52.063   Requirement of separate inflow/clear water and sanitary connections to combined sewer
Industrial Wastewater Discharge Requirements
   52.070   Pretreatment of industrial waste
   52.071   Operation and maintenance of control facilities; inspection and monitoring by city
   52.072   Pretreatment required for industrial cooling water
   52.073   Information on wastewater flow characteristics to be supplied by user
   52.074   Sampling and analysis of wastewater strength
   52.075   Accidental discharge
   52.076   Industrial cost recovery
   52.077   Industrial wastes; special agreements
   52.078   Compliance with state and/or federal requirements
Administration and Enforcement
   52.090   Authority to inspect premises
   52.091   City to indemnify company against loss; exceptions
   52.092   Right of entry
   52.093   Appeal procedure
Rates and Charges
   52.115   Definitions
   52.116   Determination of user charges and user class
   52.117   Sewage rates and charges
   52.118   Charges to be based on volume of water discharged
   52.119   Charges to be based on strength and content of discharges
   52.120   Method of billing; delinquent bills
   52.121   Rates and charges to remain fair and equitable; city to conduct study
   52.122   City to enforce laws concerning sewer system and billing procedures
   52.123   Special rate contracts
   52.124   Free service prohibited
   52.125   Tap-on fees
   52.126   Billing for city work on private lines
Sewer System Development Charge
   52.140   Sewer system development charge
   52.999   Penalty
   Methods of payment, see § 55.01