Applicants for original appointment examination to the Police Department must have attained 21 years of age to receive an original appointment to the Police Department; in addition, no person may receive an original appointment as a police officer if that person has attained the age of 37 years of older, and no person can be declared disqualified as over age prior to that time. However, the city will accept an application from, and consider for original appointment, a person who is over 37 years of age and not more than 42 years of age if such individual has received an original appointment as a police officer, deputy sheriff, or state trooper prior to attaining the age of 37 years and such individual holds a valid Peace Officer Training Certification from an approved Ohio Agency.
('73 Code, § 151.01) (Ord. 47-69, passed 12-10-69; Am. Ord. 9-2001, passed 7-11-01)