(A)   The Police Department is hereby established with the following complement of personnel:
      (1)   Sworn officers.
         (a)   One Police Chief;
         (b)   One, not to exceed two Lieutenants;
         (c)   Four, not to exceed five Sergeants;
         (d)   Fifteen, not to exceed 19 Patrolmen.
      (2)   Support personnel.
         (a)   Five Dispatchers;
         (b)   One Secretary-dispatcher.
   (B)   The personnel staffing levels of the Police Department shall not exceed 25 sworn officers and six support personnel.
('73 Code, § 151.08) (Ord. 35-80, passed 11-12-80; Ord. 43-87, passed 12-16-87; Am. Ord. 42-2003, passed 1-14-04)