(A)   Upon forms prescribed by the City Manager, all employees of the city shall be provided with a written probationary job evaluation and at least a regular annual job performance evaluation.
   (B)   Any written probationary job performance evaluation or regular annual job performance evaluation or additional job performance evaluation may include a verbal interview with the employee whom is being evaluated.
   (C)   Any job performance evaluation shall be placed within the permanent personnel file of the employee in question.
   (D)   Any employee who receives any job performance evaluation may respond to said evaluation verbally or in writing. Any written response by an employee to any job evaluation shall be placed in the employee's permanent personnel file.
   (E)   The City Manager may delegate to a director or department head or other person in a supervisory position the authority to complete job performance evaluations or review job performance evaluations, so long as the delegation is specifically made by written order of the City Manager and the City Manager reviews said job performance evaluations.
   (F)   Any employee of the city may, by written request, address any specific issues contained within a job performance evaluation with the City Manager and the City Manager may make whatever alterations to the job performance evaluation the City Manager deems appropriate.
   (G)   Any provisions of any collective bargaining agreement between the city and any labor union concerning job performance evaluations shall take precedence over the provisions of this section and shall be adhered to by the administration of the city.
   (H)   Nothing contained within this section shall be construed to prohibit the city from describing in greater detail in the administrative code of the city any job performance evaluation process, so long as no provisions contained within the administrative code concerning job performance evaluations conflict with this section.
   (I)   Nothing contained within this section shall be construed to relive the City Manager from the City Manager's duty under Article 6.0 of the Charter of the city, Subsection 6, from the evaluation requirement therein described.
(Ord. 3-2004, passed 2-11-04)