(A)   Methods of procedure.
      (1)   Abutting or affected property owners may contract for, construct or reconstruct roadway surfacing, sidewalk or curb and gutter in accordance with this section if advance payment is made therefor or arrangements for payment considered adequate by the Council are completed in advance.
      (2)   With or without petition by the methods set forth in the Local Improvement Code, M.S.§§ 429.011 et seq., as the same may from time to time be amended.
   (B)   Permit required.
      (1)   It is unlawful to construct a sidewalk, curb and gutter, or roadway surfacing in any street or other public property in this city without a permit in writing from the Council. Application for the permit shall be made on forms approved and provided by the city and shall sufficiently describe the contemplated improvements, the contemplated date of beginning of work, and the length of time required for any improvement ordered installed by the Council. All applications shall contain an agreement by the applicant to be bound by this chapter and, as to roadway and curb and gutter improvements, plans and specifications consistent with the provisions of this chapter and good engineering practices shall also accompany the application. A permit from the city shall not relieve the holder from damages to the person or property of another caused by the work.
      (2)   It is unlawful to cut the curb on any street or public property in the city without first having obtained a written permit to do so from the City Manager or, by his or her designation, the Director of Engineering. The permit to cut the curb shall be obtained from the Council where the contemplated improvement is in any public street or public property abutting or within areas zoned commercial or where proposed improvement is on State Highway 13 or U.S. Highway 14.
      (3)   No permit shall be issued for construction of the sidewalk, curb and gutter, or the roadway surfacing except in accordance with the provisions herein contained.
   (C)   Specifications and regulations.
      (1)   All sidewalks and curb and gutter constructed in or upon any street or other public property shall be constructed according to the specifications on file with the Director of Engineering.
      (2)   Before any construction work is begun, the city will furnish stakes for the establishment of grade and for the lines of the improvement and all construction therein shall be in accordance with established grades and lines, and costs of the engineering shall become a part of the cost of the project and assessed accordingly.
   (D)   Inspection. The Council shall designate a suitable and competent person to perform inspection required herein and other inspection of the work as deemed necessary. Any work not done according to the plans and specifications, including the specification of file with the Director of Engineering, shall be removed and corrected at the expense of the permit holder. Any work done hereunder may be stopped by the Inspector if found to be unsatisfactory, but this shall not place a burden upon the city to continually inspect or supervise the work.
(`86 Code, § 5.03)