§ 33.85 FUNDING.
   Funding for the Department of Stormwater Management's activities may include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
   (A)   Stormwater user's fees.
   (B)   Civil penalties and damage assessments imposed for or arising from the violation of the county's stormwater management ordinances.
   (C)   Soil and erosion control plan permit fees.
   (D)   Compliance inspection fees.
   (E)   Taxes levied pursuant to I.C. 8-1.5-5 or other relevant authority.
   (F)   Revenue bonds issued pursuant to I.C. 8-1.5-5.
   (G)   Other funds or income obtained from federal, state, local, and/or private sources as provided by law or from grants, or revolving funds.
(BC Ord. 2006-12, passed 7-26-06; Am. SWM Ord. 2007-01, passed 8-29-07; Am. BC Ord. 2012-19, passed 5-29-12; Am. BC Ord. 2012-27, passed 8-27-12)