§ 33.40 PURPOSES.
   The Economic Development Advisory Council shall have as its primary purpose of advising the Board of Commissioners and the County Council in their efforts for improving the economic welfare of the county and shall have as specific purposes the following:
   (A)   The providing of overall advice in conceiving, development and implementing a program of diversified economic growth by recruiting prospective businesses and industries to locate in the county.
   (B)   The providing of advice to the Board of Commissioners and County Council in the promotion of retention of existing businesses and industries by establishing and maintaining contact that insure candid discussions and open communications to help in the early identification of problems and permit timely action toward resolution of said problems.
   (C)   By monitoring programs on an annual basis utilizing compiled and other statistical data and recommendations for the implementations of plans for appropriate modifications.
   (D)   To assure a high visibility for the county economic development actions and accomplishments through personal participation in local and area community, social and professional activities that effect or can effect the economic climate of the county.
   (E)   To work in conjunction with the county employees and specifically the County Director for Economic Development to accomplish the aforementioned general and specific objectives.
   (F)   To act as a screening entity to review applicants for the position of County Director for Economic Development and to make recommendations as to the three most qualified applicants for said position upon the request of the Board of Commissioners and County Council.
   (G)   To work with and assist, when requested, the Economic Development Authority in its endeavors.
(BC Res. 1990-16, passed 12-3-90; Am. CC Res. 1990-1, passed 12-6-90)