(A)   Any corporation seeking to lease real property under this chapter shall:
      (1)   File an application for lease, on forms provided by the Auditor, with the County Auditor.
      (2)   Provide all documentation necessary to establish its qualified status.
      (3)   Pay to the Auditor a fee of $50, as a processing fee and for the cost of publication of the notice required by this chapter.
      (4)   Attend the public hearing on its application for a lease.
   (B)   Upon proper application and payment of the required fee, the Auditor shall publish the notice required by this chapter and set the application for a public hearing on the agenda of the appropriate lessor body. However, such public hearing may not be set less than ten days after publication of the first notice, and, in the event there are competing applications, shall be on the date as set by the presiding officer of the lessor body.
   (C)   No competing application may be considered by the lessor body unless it was filed on or before the date set out in the published notice regarding the original application or any renewal thereof. In the event a competing application is filed timely, such application shall be heard at the same time as the original application for the lease or any request for renewal thereof.
(BC Ord. 1994-13, passed 6-27-94)