(A)   The Commissioners, or a department or board, may lease to a qualified lessee, such real property as may be leased and as deemed expedient by the particular body. Such lease may be either, for a fee or at no consideration, except that all leases shall require the lessee to insure, at its cost, the leased property. In all cases, the county and where appropriate, a department or board, shall be named as insureds on such policy or policies of insurance or other insuring agreement. Before execution of any such lease, the Commissioners, or other lessor body shall conduct a public hearing on the application to lease and determine whether the proposed lease is in the best interest of the county or lessor body.
   (B)   The lessor body to whom the lease is proposed shall determine the terms and conditions of any lease under this chapter. Such lease may include an option or options to renew upon such terms and conditions as the lessor body shall determine are in the best interest of the public.
(BC Ord. 1994-13, passed 6-27-94)