(A)   An application seeking designation of an area as an economic revitalization area shall be filed with the County Auditor on forms furnished by the County Department of Economic Development. Such application must contain supporting documentation relative to the matter set forth in § 151.01.
   (B)   The application for tax abatement shall also contain all information as required by I.C. 6-1.1-12.1.
   (C)   The County Auditor, upon receipt of application, shall forward it to the Department of Economic Development which shall review the application for completeness and accuracy, gather and provide additional information needed by the County Council to make an appropriate informed decision, analyze the application and supplemental material and submit such comments and recommendation on the acceptability or unacceptability of the request for economic revitalization area designation.
(CC Res. 1994-5, passed 6-2-94)