(A)   Upon completion of the work the permittee shall refill the trenches or sub-grade areas with sand, pea-size gravel or crushed white rock of a size numbered 53, 63 or 73; provided, however, if an area to be filled will not be covered with street pavement or is a sidewalk, and is not an alley, then the area shall be filled with sand or dirt. All fill material shall be free of rubbish and vegetation and shall be compacted throughout in six-inch layers while being installed. All streets shall, where possible, be restored, under the pavement area, with at least six inches of concrete and above that a four-inch final surface of concrete or asphalt. All sidewalks shall be restored with compacted dirt or aggregate as a base and the sidewalk surface shall be of a material and design equal to the adjoining undisturbed sidewalk.
   (B)   In all cases where fill has been placed but a final surface has not yet been completed, the permittee shall lay a suitable temporary surface to provide for the safe transit of the work area by the public.
(BC Ord. 1991-22, passed 8-12-91)