The following general definitions shall apply for the purpose of this chapter:
   ATTENTION GETTING DEVICES: Any pennant, banners, propeller, spinner, streamer, string of lights, searchlight, balloon, or similar device or ornamentation.
   AWNING: An overhead cover that is temporary in nature and that projects from the wall of a building for the purpose of shielding a doorway or window from the elements.
   AWNING SIGN: A permanent sign affixed to or painted on an awning.
   BACKSTOP SIGN: A temporary sign constructed of a durable all weather surface material with hemmed edges and metal grommets and attached to baseball field backstop walls, which is used to advertise special community events and/or to recognize field, event or organization sponsors.
   BANNER: A temporary sign made of cloth or a similar durable all weather material used for a specific time period to advertise a short term special or sale.
   BULLETIN BOARD: A permanent sign with a changeable copy area designed to give information about, and accessibility to, a public, charitable, educational or religious institution located on the lot.
   BUSINESS SIGN: A sign which directs attention to a business or profession conducted, or to a commodity or service sold, offered or manufactured, or to an entertainment offered, on premises where the sign is located or to which it is affixed.
   CAMPAIGN SIGN: Temporary signs announcing candidates seeking public office or expressing political issues for which an election will be held.
   CANOPY: Any structure, movable or stationary, attached to and deriving its support from framework or posts or other means independent of a connected structure for the purpose of shielding a platform, stoop or sidewalk from the elements.
   CANOPY SIGN: A permanent sign affixed to or painted on a canopy.
   COMMUNITY SERVICE ORGANIZATION: An entity, no part of the income of which is distributable to its members, directors, or officers and whose principal purpose is to provide services, financial assistance, or personnel for the benefit of the residents of the City of Warrenville.
   CONSTRUCTION SIGN: A temporary sign used to advertise the company or companies involved in the construction of a specific structure or announcing a future occupant at a particular location.
   EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY SIGN: A temporary sign displayed on private property for the purpose of advertising employment opportunities available in the City of Warrenville.
   ERECT: To build, construct, attach, hang, place, suspend, or affix, and including the painting of wall signs.
   FEATHER FLAG BANNER SIGN: A temporary banner sign installed on a single post and manufactured of lightweight material designed to move with the wind.
   FLASHING SIGNS: Signs with moving lights, changing graphics, animation, moving or rotating elements or devices which otherwise create the illusion of movement.
   GARAGE SALE SIGN: A temporary sign used to advertise the sale of secondhand merchandise from the garage or driveway of a residence.
   GASOLINE PRICE SIGN: A sign advertising price of gasoline for sale on the same lot where the sign is located.
   GOVERNMENTAL REQUIRED SIGNS: Permanent signs required by law or governmental order, rule or regulation such as handicapped parking and exit signs.
   GOVERNMENTAL SAFETY/DIRECTIONAL SIGNAGE: Permanent or temporary signs installed under the authority of a duly constituted governmental body to regulate traffic, parking, swimming, dumping, etc.
   GRADE, FINISHED: The final City approved elevation of the ground surface after development. Such elevation shall not include increased elevations associated with any manmade berm, landscape bed, or mound that has been created for the primary purpose of elevating the height of a ground sign.
   GRADE, NATURAL: The elevation of the ground surface in its natural state, before manmade alterations.
   GRAND OPENING SIGN: A temporary sign advertising the opening of a new business not previously located on the premises, or the reopening of an established business which has been severely damaged by catastrophe and has been closed for at least sixty (60) consecutive days for renovation.
   GROUND SIGN: A sign self-supported by posts or other supports independent of any building or structure.
   HANGING SIGN: A "business sign" suspended below an awning or canopy.
   ILLUMINATED SIGN: Any sign which has characters, letters, figures, designs or an outline illuminated internally or externally by electric lights or luminous tubes.
   LEGAL NOTICE: A temporary sign installed to notify the general public of the date, time, and location of a public hearing scheduled to review a zoning or related request.
   LOT LINE: A property boundary line of any lot, except that where any portion of a lot extends into an abutting street or alley the lot line shall be deemed to be established at the existing street or alley right-of-way line.
   LOT LINE, CORNER SIDE: Any street line that is not a front lot line.
   LOT LINE, FRONT: A. The only street line bordering a lot, or
   B.   Otherwise, if the lot is a through lot, every street line, or
   C.   Otherwise, if the lot is a corner lot:
      1.   The shortest street line.
      2.   Otherwise, if more than one street line is the shortest:
a. The lot line designated as the front lot line on a plat of dedication or plat of subdivision.
b. Otherwise, the lot line designated as the front lot line by the Zoning Administrator, or
   D.   Otherwise, if the lot is fully or partially landlocked, the lot line that faces the access to the lot.
   LOT LINE, REAR: That lot line which is most distant from and is, or is approximately, parallel to the front lot line. If the rear lot line is less than ten feet (10') in length, or if the lot forms a point at the rear, the rear lot line shall be deemed to be a line ten feet (10') in length within the lot, parallel to and at the maximum distance from the front lot line.
   LOT LINE, SIDE: Any lot line that is not a front or rear lot line.
   MEMORIAL SIGN: A permanent sign memorializing the life of an individual person or a historic event.
   MESSAGE BOARD: A sign face designed to readily accept individual changeable copy letters or to utilize electronic means of changing copy and typically used to convey information about a sale, promotion, or special event being offered by the business advertising on such sign.
   MOVING SIGN: Any sign, all or part of which moves, rotates or gives the illusion of movement.
   OFF SITE ADVERTISING SIGN: A sign which directs attention to any promotion, business, commodity, service, enterprise or entertainment conducted, sold or offered at a location other than the lot on which the sign is located; or a sign which directs attention to a business that is no longer conducted or to a product that is no longer sold on the lot on which the sign is located.
   OPEN HOUSE SIGN: A temporary sign typically used in conjunction with a small real estate sign to inform prospective buyers that a specific structure is open and available for public inspection.
   PARKING LOT REGULATION SIGN: A permanent sign used to convey the conditions of use of a parking lot.
   PERMANENT SIGN: Any sign which is not a temporary sign, and which is designed to be in compliance with articles 16, 18, 19 and 21 of the BOCA National Building Code/1993.
   PLACARD SIGN: A temporary sign made of cardboard, lightweight plastic, or similar material, mounted out of doors and intended to be used during a sale, promotion, or special event.
   POLE SIGN: A sign mounted on a pole or other support in a manner where the bottom edge of the face of the sign is seven feet (7') or more from grade.
   PORTABLE SIGN: A sign, with or without changeable copy, readily capable of being moved from one location to another location and commonly attached to a trailer.
   PROJECT DEVELOPMENT ENTRANCE MONUMENT SIGN: A ground sign used to improve, identify, designate, label, or demarcate the main entrance into a subdivision development two (2) acres in size or larger.
   REAL ESTATE SIGN: A temporary sign advertising a property for sale or for lease.
   RESIDENTIAL BUILDING IDENTIFICATION SIGN/NAMEPLATE: A sign on the front wall of a residential building indicating the name and/or address of each occupant, professional status and/or name of permitted home occupation business.
   RESTAURANT MENU BOARD: A permanent sign typically used to display and identify those products sold within a restaurant to drive- through customers.
   ROOF SIGN: Any sign erected upon a building or structure which extends over the roofline of a building.
   SEASONAL DECORATIONS: Decorations customarily displayed on a national, state, local or religious holiday. This shall not include any type of signage either prohibited by this chapter or requiring a permit under this chapter.
   SIGN: A display, emblem, device or structure used to identify or advertise a business, product, service, event, institution, organization, location or individual.
   SMALL CONVENIENCE SIGN: A sign displayed on private property for the convenience of the general public, including signs identifying restrooms, freight entrances, parking areas, parking lot directional signs and the like.
   SPECIAL EVENTS SIGN: A temporary sign displayed for special community or charitable events sponsored by a governmental entity, religious institution, school, and/or other not for profit or community service organization.
   TEMPORARY SIGN: Any sign or advertising display constructed of weatherproofed material, with or without a frame, which shall not be displayed for more than thirty (30) days.
   TRAILER: Every vehicle without motive power in operation, designed for carrying persons or property and for being drawn by a motor vehicle and so constructed that no significant part of its weight rests upon the towing vehicles.
   USE: The purpose or activity for which land or structures thereon are designed, arranged, or intended or for which they are occupied or maintained.
   USE, PERMITTED: A use allowable generally within a zoning district without a special use permit.
   VEHICLE SIGN: A sign either temporarily or permanently affixed to a vehicle that is not being used for the purpose of transporting persons or materials, is not in the specific act of receiving or delivering merchandise or rendering a service, and is parked in a manner and location where the apparent purpose is to advertise a product or service, or to direct attention to a business or activity located on the same or another property.
   VISION CLEARANCE TRIANGLE: A triangular area located at the at grade intersection of streets, railroads, driveways, or any combination thereof, formed by the centerlines of driving lanes on the streets and driveways or the center of the railroad tracks with the length of these two (2) legs defined by the table and illustration provided in section 10.B.7 of the zoning ordinance of the City, and by a straight line between the ends of these two (2) legs.
   WALL FRONT: The wall of a building which is nearest to, and most nearly parallel to, the front lot line of the lot on which the building is located.
   WALL SIGN: A sign attached to a wall of a building or structure in such a manner that the wall becomes merely the supporting structure, or in which the wall forms the background surface.
   WINDOW SIGN: Any permanent sign painted, goldleafed or attached onto the glass area or installed behind a window or in a showcase intended for viewing through the window from outside of the premises. (Ord. O2017-38, 6-19-2017)