A.   No public improvements will be accepted by the City until there has first been deposited with the City a document of conveyance executed by the record owner of the improvements, in form satisfactory to the City, purporting to convey such improvements to the City.
   B.   After the aforesaid deposit, the subject public improvements can and will be accepted only by resolution of the City Council and only after the following conditions precedent have been met:
      1.   The City Council must be in receipt of a written report from the City's engineer stating that he has made final inspection of the improvement and that it either complies with the City's standards for construction or that it does not and, if it does not, the exact deficiencies.
      2.   The City must be provided, at the expense of the proposed donator, evidence deemed adequate by the City's attorney, to establish that the proposed conveyance and acceptance will vest in the City clear, unencumbered title to the improvement or improvements. (Ord. 418, 2-20-1979)