A.   Exclusive Franchise: Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this chapter, the city will enter into an exclusive franchise agreement with no more than one scavenger for the collection and disposal of solid waste, recyclable materials, and yard waste for all single family and attached single family residential dwellings; provided; however, the city's franchise agreement will not apply to residential subdivisions governed by a homeowner's association that adopted by-laws prior June 21, 2021, or otherwise approved by the City permitting the homeowner's association to enter into its own agreements for a waste collection and disposal system.
   B.   Provisions of Franchise: The exclusive franchise agreement with a scavenger, hereinafter, the "franchisee", referred to in subsection A of this section shall include, at a minimum, the following provisions:
      1.   A requirement that the franchisee must offer and make available to all of the customers it serves the collection and processing of recyclable materials.
      2.   Direction as to where the franchisee must or must not dump or dispose of the solid waste, recyclable materials, and yard waste it collects.
      3.   A fee schedule and service standards established by the city.
      4.   A requirement for the posting of either a performance bond with an adequate surety to carry out the purposes of the franchise agreement or an irrevocable letter of credit from a bank with sufficient capital assets to ensure that the purposes of the franchise agreement will be carried out.
      5.   A requirement that all residential dwellings, except those identified in section 6-2-6 (A), be served no less often than once each week. (Ord. O2021-24, 6-21-2021)