A.   Signal And Signs: Pedestrians shall obey any traffic control signs or signals, or the directions of any police officer directing traffic.
   B.   Pedestrians Crossing Roadway: Every pedestrian shall exercise caution in crossing any roadway and shall not start to cross until the way is clear from both directions.
Every driver of a vehicle shall exercise due care in approaching any pedestrian and shall if necessary sound his horn, slow down or stop to avoid colliding with any pedestrian.
   C.   Pedestrians Walking Along Roadway: Where sidewalks are not provided, any pedestrian walking along the roadway shall, if practicable, walk upon the left side of the roadway or upon its shoulder, facing oncoming traffic.
   D.   Blind Pedestrians: Any blind person who is carrying a white cane or who is guided by a guide dog shall have the right-of- way under any condition.
   E.   Hitchhiking: The practice (commonly referred to as hitchhiking) of by raised hand or otherwise soliciting a ride from the driver of a motor vehicle is hereby forbidden.
   F.   Soliciting Passengers: The practice of soliciting riders (commonly referred to a "picking up") is hereby forbidden. (Ord. 61, 3-11-1969)