5-1-5: DRIVERS:
   A.   Licenses: Any driver of a motor vehicle shall have in his possession a valid driver's license which he shall, upon request, display to any police officer.
   B.   Liquor And Drugs: No person who is under the influence of intoxicating liquor may drive a motor vehicle.
No person who is under the influence of any narcotic drug or other drug to a degree which renders him incapable of safely driving a motor vehicle, may drive a motor vehicle.
All pertinent legislation of the state of Illinois is hereby, by reference, adopted as a part of this title 1 .
   C.   Accidents: The driver of a vehicle which has collided with or been in an accident with any vehicle, person or property, in such a manner as to cause injury or damage, shall stop immediately, and render such assistance as may be possible. He shall upon request display his driver's license and give his true name and residence to the injured person, or any other person acting in behalf of the injured person, or to the possessor of property damages, or to any policeman if such be present. The driver of each vehicle involved in an accident shall report to the police authority promptly after such accident. (Ord. 61, 3-11-1969)



1. 625 ILCS 5/11-501.