It shall be unlawful for the driver of any vehicle to disobey the instructions of any traffic sign or signal placed in view by authority of the corporate authorities or in accordance with the laws of the state of Illinois, excepting on the direction of any individual enumerated in subsection 5-1-3A of this chapter. All signs and signals established by direction of the corporate authorities shall conform to the "Illinois State Manual Of Uniform Traffic Control Devices For Streets And Highways".
All signs and signals shall have the meaning and significance assigned to them by pertinent state legislation, and all such legislation is hereby, by reference, adopted as part of this title.
The police department of the city is hereby authorized to place such temporary signs and signals as may be required to control traffic under temporary conditions. Such temporary signs and signals shall remain emplaced only so long as justified by the condition to be alleviated.
Permanent signs and pavement markings to control the flow of traffic shall be installed by the street department at the request of the police department and as authorized by city ordinance. (Ord. 2108, 12-15-2003)