Except as defined herein, all words shall have their accustomed meanings unless otherwise defined by pertinent state legislation.
   BUSINESS DISTRICT: Any territory within the city contiguous to and including a highway when within any six hundred feet (600') along such highway there are properties in use for business or industrial purposes, or public buildings, which occupy at least three hundred feet (300') of frontage, whether entirely on one side or collectively on both sides of the highway. Such usage shall include, but is not limited to, sales lots, commercial or industrial buildings, public buildings, and parking lots in connection with such building.
   DRAG RACING: The act of two (2) or more individuals competing or racing in a situation in which one of the motor vehicles is beside or to the rear of a motor vehicle operated by a competing driver and the one driver attempts to prevent the competing driver from passing or overtaking him, either by acceleration or maneuver, or against time, on any street or highway in this city.
   DRIVER: Every person who drives or is in actual physical control of a vehicle.
   EMERGENCY VEHICLE: Police vehicles, fire department vehicles, emergency management agency (EMA) vehicles, ambulances, vehicles carrying a United States government, state of Illinois, county or municipal officer or employee in response to an emergency call, and emergency vehicles of public service corporations on an emergency call.
   INTERSECTION: A. The area embraced within the prolongation or connection of the lateral curb lines, or, if none, then the lateral boundary lines of the roadways of two (2) highways which join one another at, or approximately at, right angles, or the area within which vehicles traveling upon different roadways joining at any other angle may come in conflict.
   B.   Where a highway includes two (2) roadways forty feet (40') or more apart, then every crossing of each roadway of such divided highway by an intersecting highway shall be regarded as a separate intersection.
   MOTOR VEHICLE: Any vehicle which is self-propelled. For the purpose of this title motor vehicles as a class shall be divided into two (2) divisions: a) those vehicles which are designed for the carrying of not more than ten (10) persons; b) those vehicles which are designed for pulling or carrying freight or the carrying of more than ten (10) persons.
   PARK: To stand a vehicle, whether occupied or not, for a period of time greater than is reasonably necessary for the actual loading or unloading of persons.
   POLICE, POLICE OFFICER: All members of the regularly constituted police department, special police, auxiliary police and marshals duly constituted and appointed by proper authorities of the city. Also all members of the Illinois state police, the DuPage County sheriff's office, or of any other regularly constituted police organization when such officers are assisting in the control of traffic or any emergency in the city.
   PUBLIC BUILDING: A building used by the city or by any other governmental agency or district including, but not limited to, school districts, fire districts, the county of DuPage, the state of Illinois, and the United States government.
   RESIDENCE DISTRICT: The territory contiguous to and including a highway not comprising a business district when the property on such highway for a distance of three hundred feet (300') or more is in the main improved with residences or residences and buildings in use for business.
   SCHOOL BUS: A motor vehicle of the second division operated by or for a public or governmental agency or by or for a private or religious organization solely for the transportation of pupils in connection with school activities; and so painted, marked and equipped as is customary for such vehicles.
   SERVICE VEHICLES: Vehicles used for making deliveries, removing refuse, servicing disabled vehicles or comparable activity.
   STREET OR HIGHWAY: The entire width between property lines of every way or place of whatever nature when any part thereof is open to the use of the public, as a matter of right, for the purpose of vehicular traffic.
   SUBURBAN DISTRICT: That territory of the city other than the residence and business districts.
   VEHICLE: Every device in, upon or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway.
   YIELD RIGHT OF WAY: When required by an official sign means the act of granting and the privilege of the immediate use of the intersecting roadway to traffic within the intersection and to vehicles approaching from the right or left, provided that when the roadway is clear the vehicle may proceed into the intersection. (Ord. 61, 3-11-1969; amd. Ord. 2108, 12-15-2003; Ord. 2877, 8-18-2014)