Prior to the repossession of any motor or nonmotor vehicle, the following documentation shall be delivered in person to the police department by the repossession representative:
   A.   Type E license issued from ICC.
   B.   Valid driver's license.
   C.   Agency identification.
   D.   Description of the vehicle to be repossessed, including the make, year and license plate number, if any.
   E.   The name and address of the person from whom the vehicle is to be repossessed.
   F.   The name and address of the person holding a lien on the vehicle to be repossessed for whom such repossession is to be performed.
   G.   A copy of the letter, court order or other document executed by the lienholder or court and authorizing the repossession.
   H.   The date of the proposed repossession. (Ord. 3012, 6-20-2016)