A.   Every sex offender or sexual predator, as those terms are defined in 730 Illinois Compiled Statutes 150/2 et seq., who either: 1) resides in or 2) is employed in or 3) attends an institution of higher learning in the city of Warrenville shall register with the Warrenville chief of police as required by law. The sex offender or sexual predator shall pay a one hundred dollar ($100.00) initial registration fee and a one hundred dollar ($100.00) annual registration renewal fee to the Warrenville chief of police. The chief of police may waive the registration fee if the chief of police determines that the person is indigent and unable to pay the registration fee.
   B.   Fees collected pursuant to this section shall be distributed in the manner provided by law. The chief of police shall establish procedures to document the receipt and remittance of the one hundred dollar ($100.00) initial registration fee and one hundred dollar ($100.00) annual renewal fee. (Ord. 2860, 7-7-2014)