A.   There is hereby established an appointed position of deputy chief within the police department of the city. The position shall be an exempt rank immediately below that of chief and shall not be subject to promotional processes used only for ranking positions. (Ord. 2591, 6-21-2010)
   B.   To be eligible for appointment to the position of deputy chief, an individual must be a sworn, full time officer in the city of Warrenville police department with at least five (5) years of full time service as a police officer for the city.
   C.   The deputy chief shall be appointed by the chief of police and shall serve at the discretion of the chief with no set term, and if removed from the position by the chief of police, shall revert to the rank held immediately prior to appointment to the deputy chief position.
   D.   The deputy chief shall report directly to the chief of police and shall take orders from the chief of police as directed. The nature of the duties, work assignments, projects and other responsibilities for the deputy chief shall be determined by the chief of police.
   E.   The deputy chief shall be eligible to receive benefits in accordance with the regular and usual benefits provided by the city to other personnel.
   F.   The appointive position of deputy chief shall be an exempt position under both the fair labor standards act and the Illinois public labor relations act. (Ord. 1978, 5-6-2002)