A.   Duties: The chief of police shall keep such records and make such reports concerning the activities of the department as may be required by statute or ordinance and shall submit the reports to the city administrator. The chief of police shall be responsible for the performance and functions of the department. All sworn members of the department shall serve subject to the orders of the chief of police. The chief of police shall be the keeper of the city jail, shall have custody of all persons incarcerated therein, and shall perform such other duties as may be directed by the city administrator or by the city council.
   B.   Employment Outside Of Department: Any outside employment or business interests that do not interfere or conflict with the efficiency of the chief of police is permitted. Written approval for such outside employment or business interest must be first secured from the mayor and city administrator.
   C.   Rules And Regulations: The chief of police may make or prescribe rules, regulations and policies for the guidance of the members of the department. Such policies, rules and regulations shall be binding on all members of the department. (Ord. 2969, 12-21-2015)