11-1-2: PURPOSE:
While it is obvious that the regulations are needed to assure orderly extension of the city streets, the other purposes of these regulations are:
   A.   To insure sound, harmonious subdivision development and community growth, and to safeguard the interest of the homeowner, the subdivider, the investor and the City.
   B.   To provide permanent assets to the locality and to the City.
   C.   To prevent scattered development beyond existing public utilities and prevent excessive development costs.
   D.   To assure the development of land for optimum use with necessary protection against deterioration and obsolescence.
   E.   To limit and control the pollution of the environment that can be caused by inadequate or incomplete urban development.
   F.   To provide common grounds of understanding and sound working relationship between the City and the subdivider.
   G.   To lessen congestion in the streets and highways.
   H.   To provide for adequate light and air.
   I.   To facilitate adequate provision for transportation, water, storm water management, sewerage and schools, and other public necessities.
   J.   To ensure proper legal description and proper monumenting of subdivided land.
The regulations are established with reasonable consideration of the character of the City with a view toward conserving the value of buildings upon the land and providing the best possible environment for human habitation. It is intended that these regulations shall supplement and facilitate the enforcement of the provisions and development standards contained in the Building Code, Official Map Regulations, Zoning Ordinance, and the Official City Comprehensive Plan. (Ord. 807, 11-4-1985)