A.   Rates and Charges: Any person disposing of refuse through the refuse collection franchise scavenger must pay the rates and charges established by the City. The amount of such rates and charges will be clearly set forth in the City's franchise agreement. All occupied residential dwellings in the City generate refuse, and the rates and charges will be assessed against and collected from each residential unit subject to the franchise agreement pursuant to section 6-2-6 of this code.
   B.   Waiver: The City Administrator or the City Administrator's designee may waive the requirement of subsection A for a particular premises only upon receipt of a written request from the owner of the premises, when such premises is vacant, as determined by the City Administrator or the City Administrator's designee in their sole and absolute discretion, that no refuse is and will be generated on the premises.
   C.   Billing and Collection: The rates and charges imposed by subsection A of this section may be billed for and collected by the City or the franchisee may provide billing services to the city and directly bill the applicable residential units for the rates and charge. The method of billing and collection will be set forth in the franchise agreement. (Ord. O2021-24, 6-21-2021)