A.   All refuse produced on the premises of any residential dwelling covered by the franchise agreement pursuant to section 6-2-6 of this code, except for organics composted in accordance with subsection C of this section, must be disposed of by the person in possession of the premises by using the scavenger holding a franchise from the city pursuant to section 6-2-6 of this Code. Pickup and removal of such refuse by such scavenger must be only from the premises on which the refuse is generated and not from any location other than the premises on which the refuse is generated.
   B.   It is unlawful for any scavenger to collect or dispose of refuse in a manner contrary to the city's exclusive franchise for residential refuse collection and disposal.
   C.   Organics may be composted on a residential property or taken to an off-site composting facility subject to the following performance standards:
      1.   Nuisance prohibited: No composting may be conducted on a residential property in a manner that constitutes a nuisance to neighboring properties or the general public. A composting pile, container or bin shall be deemed a nuisance if a foul odor can be detected from any adjacent property line and/or if the compost container attracts wild animals.
      2.   Prohibited Organics: Meat, bones, oils, lard, grease, liquid dairy, poultry, fish, human or animal waste, or any organics brought from outside the property may not be composted on a residential property. (Ord. O2021-24, 6-21-2021)