APPLICANT: Any person that files an application for a solicitation license as provided for in this chapter.
   PERSON: Any individual, organization, group, association, partnership, joint venture, corporation, trust, or any combination thereof.
   PREMISES: Any occupied building or structure, or any separate dwelling unit contained within any occupied building or structure, of any type within the City.
   SOLICITATION OR SOLICIT: Engaging in any one or more of the following activities:
   A.   Seeking or offering to sell, selling and delivering, peddling, bartering, exchanging, or obtaining, for profit or any kind of consideration any goods or services;
   B.   Distribution to the public - by leaving at a premises or on any public property anywhere within the City - any of the following items of a commercial nature: card, circular, handbill, sample, merchandise, newspaper, advertising material, document, or other items used in conjunction with solicitation;
   C.   Asking for or seeking to collect contributions of money, gifts, or goods of any kind;
   D.   Selling tickets;
   E.   Seeking to obtain customers for application, purchase of, or enrollment in any public utility service or program; and
   F.   Going upon any public property, public street or other right-of-way, or private property within the City for the purpose of engaging in any of the activities described in subsections A through E of this definition.
Religious proselytizing and political canvassing are not solicitation and are not regulated by the provisions of this chapter.
   SOLICITOR: A person who engages in solicitation and any person that employs or engages a person or persons to solicit. (Ord. O2018-48, 10-15-2018)