The following purchasing rules are hereby adopted in accordance with the requirements of state law:
   (A)   Supplies manufactured in the United States are specified and shall be purchased for all town purchases unless the Council determines that:
      (1)   The supplies are not manufactured in the United States in reasonably available quantities;
      (2)   The prices of the supplies manufactured in the United States exceeds by an unreasonable amount the price of available and comparable supplies manufactured elsewhere;
      (3)   The quality of the supplies manufactured in the United States is substantially less than the quality of comparably priced available supplies manufactured elsewhere; or
      (4)   The purchase of supplies manufactured in the United States is not in the public interest.
   (B)   Supplies available from the Department of Corrections as anticipated in IC 5-22-11 and/or the Rehabilitation Center as anticipated in IC 5-22-12 shall be purchased from those entities except as permitted by then applicable law.
   (C)   A Purchasing Agent may purchase services in whatever manner and on whatever terms and conditions that Purchasing Agent determines to be reasonable that are not inconsistent with applicable provisions of Indiana law, town ordinances, or directives from the Council.
   (D)   The Town Council does hereby order the implementation of purchase orders for any purchase over the sum of $100 with authorization to place the order to be given by the Clerk- Treasurer or the Town Council.
   (E)   When specifically directed to do so by Council, the Clerk-Treasurer shall purchase supplies in any transaction where those supplies have an estimated cost of $500 or more but less than $25,000 by inviting or receiving proposals or bids in accordance with state law requirements for purchases from $25,000 to $75,000 as presently provided by IC 5-22-8-3, unless Council expressly directs such purchase be made on the open market without so inviting or receiving proposals or bids.
(Ord. 1992-10, passed 11-10-92; Am. Ord. 1998-7, passed 6-24-98)