For purposes of this code, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   AND.  May be read OR, and OR may be read AND, if the sense requires it.
   CORPORATE LIMITS or TOWN LIMITS.  Legal boundaries of the town, except as otherwise provided by law.
   COUNCIL.  The Town Council of Warren, Indiana.
   COUNTY.  Huntington County, Indiana.
   IC.  Refers to the Indiana Code.
   MAY.  The act referred to is permissive.
   MONTH.  A calendar month.
   MUNICIPAL CORPORATION or MUNICI-PALITY.  The municipality of Warren, Indiana.
   OATH.  Includes an affirmation.
   OWNER.  When applied to property, includes any part owner, joint owner, or tenant in common of the whole or part of such property.
   PERSON.  Extends to and includes person, persons, firm, corporation, copartnership, trustee, lessee, or receiver.  Whenever used in any clause prescribing and imposing a penalty, the terms PERSON or WHOEVER as applied to any unincorporated entity shall mean the partners or members thereof, and as applied to corporations, the officers thereof.
   PERSONAL PROPERTY.  Includes all property except real property.
   PRECEDING or FOLLOWING.  Next before and next after, respectively.
   PREMISES.  As applied to property, includes land and buildings.
   PRESIDENT.  The President of the Town Council of Warren, Indiana.
   PROPERTY.  Includes real, personal, and mixed estates and interests.
   PUBLIC AUTHORITY.  Includes boards of education; the municipal, county, state, or federal government, its officers or an agency thereof; or any duly authorized public official.
   PUBLIC PLACE.  Includes any street, sidewalk, park, cemetery, school yard, body of water or watercourse, public conveyance, or any other place open to the general public.
   REAL PROPERTY.  Includes lands, tenements, and hereditaments.
   REGISTERED MAIL.  Includes certified mail.
   SHALL.  The act referred to is mandatory.
   SIGNATURE or SUBSCRIPTION.  The name of a person written or printed by that person or a mark when the person cannot write.
   STATE.  The State of Indiana.
   SUBCHAPTER.  A division of a chapter, designated in this code by a heading in the chapter analysis and a capitalized heading in the body of the chapter, setting apart a group of sections related by the subject matter of the heading.  Not all chapters have subchapters.
   TENANT or OCCUPANT.  As applied to premises, includes any person holding a written or oral lease or who actually occupies the whole or any part of such premises, alone or with others.
   TOWN.  The town of Warren, Indiana.
   WRITING.  Includes any representation of words, letters, or figures, whether by printing or otherwise.
   YEAR.  A calendar year, unless otherwise expressed; equivalent to the words YEAR OF OUR LORD.