The Town Marshal Reserve Department is established as follows:
   (A)   Appointment as a Reserve Marshal shall be made by the Town Council pursuant to such reasonable and appropriate standards as the Town Council may from time to time hereafter establish and implement.
   (B)   The number of Reserve Marshals to be appointed by the Town Council shall be two.
   (C)   Reserve Marshals so appointed shall not be deemed members of the regular Town Marshal's Department, but are to complement the Department as governed by the Rules and Regulations of the Reserve Marshal's Department as adopted, August 24, 1998, and as hereafter amended, and by such other rules and regulations as the Town Council shall from time to time establish.
   (D)   Reserve Marshals shall be entitled to the following benefits:
      (1)   Receive compensation loss from other regular employment because of Court appearances on behalf of the Town; and
      (2)   Receive liability insurance coverage as extended to Town Marshal and Deputy Town Marshal.
(Ord. 1998-12, passed 8-24-98)
Statutory reference:
   Authority to provide system of Reserve Town Marshals, see IC 36-8-3-20