§ 50.62  RECYCLING.
   G.S. § 130A-309.09B requires counties with permits from the Department of Solid Waste Management facilities to implement recycling programs.
   (A)   Recycling. Each person who owns, leases, or manages a residence, residential unit, or place of business, industry, commerce, or other place providing goods or services, or institution, church, or school should remove recyclable materials from the solid waste generated and make them available for recycling.
   (B)   Ownership of recyclable materials.
      (1)   After recyclable materials have been placed in designated containers at a convenience center designated by the county or its authorized agent, the recyclable materials shall become the property of the county or its authorized agent.
      (2)   No person, other than a county employee or the county’s authorized agent, may remove recyclable material from a recycling collection center.
(Ord. passed 12-5-2016)  Penalty, see § 50.99