(A)   Solid waste convenience centers are maintained throughout the county on land owned or leased by the county for the convenience of county residents. Daily household trash/solid waste may be deposited in the receptacles only in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   The following wastes may not be deposited in containers at the convenience centers:
      (1)   Asbestos;
      (2)   Burning or smoldering materials, or any other materials that would create a fire hazard;
      (3)   Commercial waste;
      (4)   Construction waste;
      (5)   Hazardous waste;
      (6)   Industrial waste;
      (7)   Institutional waste;
      (8)   Lead-acid batteries (recycle only);
      (9)   Liquid waste;
      (10)   Radioactive waste;
      (11)   Regulated medical waste;
      (12)   Tires (recycle at transfer station);
      (13)   Used oil (recycle only);
      (14)   White goods (recycle only);
      (15)   Yard trash;
      (16)   Sludge; and
      (17)   Barrels (transfer station only).
   (C)   All solid waste intended for disposal at convenience centers shall be deposited inside the container. No solid waste may be left outside the receptacle.
   (D)   No person may remove any item from a solid waste container, climb on or into a container, or damage any container.
(Ord. passed 12-5-2016)  Penalty, see § 50.99