(A)   The Public Works Director may issue the applicant a license only when he or she finds that the applicant’s facilities, equipment, and proposed operating methods are in compliance with this chapter and applicable rules of the Department and that the applicant will perform solid waste collection in an efficient and sanitary manner. A condition of the license shall be that the licensee shall serve every person who contracts with him or her for solid waste collection in such a manner that the licensee does not cause the person to be in violation of this chapter.
   (B)   (1)   If the Public Works Director denies an applicant a license, the applicant may request a hearing, in writing, before the County Manager, within seven business days from the date the applicant was denied a license. The County Manager shall keep summary minutes of the hearing and, within seven business days, shall give the applicant written notice of a decision either granting the license or affirming the denial of the license.
      (2)   The applicant may appeal the County Manager’s decision to the Board of County Commissioners by giving written notice of appeal to the County Manager within seven business days of receipt of the County Manager’s decision following the hearing. After a hearing on the appeal, the Board shall either affirm the denial or direct the Public Works Director to issue the license.
(Ord. passed 12-5-2016)