(A)   All solar farms shall be in compliance with the requirements of the most current State Building and Electrical Codes, the state, and the county.
   (B)   A solar farm development in the un-zoned areas of the county shall be required to obtain and provides fees as applicable for the following, per the county fee schedule:
      (1)   The county E-911 address for the site if one is not currently assigned;
      (2)   A county development permit;
      (3)   A county building permit (nonresidential electrical);
      (4)   The state’s Department of Transportation (NCDOT) driveway permit;
      (5)   If land disturbance exceeds more than one acre, per the state’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources:
         (a)   An erosion and sedimentation control plan/permit with appropriate best management practices (BMP’s) for stormwater runoff management and water quality protection;
         (b)   A stream restoration plan; and
         (c)   A 401 water quality permit.
      (6)   Required riparian buffers applicable for either the Tar-Pamlico and/or Roanoke River Basins (dependent on project location);
      (7)   VEPCO-appropriate shoreline management plans/permits. If the project is located on Lake Gaston and for Kerr Lake, the U.S. Army Corps Engineers shoreline management program;
      (8)   Compliance with Chapter 150, if applicable; and
      (9)   Appropriate public utilities as necessary (public water/sewer), or for private well/septic (on-site wastewater treatment facility) the county’s Department of Environmental Health.
   (C)   All active solar farms shall be inspected by a County Code Enforcement Officer (Building Inspector) on an annual basis to ensure compliance with applicable State Building and Electrical Codes.
   (D)   Each solar farm shall be required to have the facility inspected annually for three years by the Planning and Zoning Administrator, or his or her designee, following the issuance of the zoning permit or development permit, applicable in the un-zoned areas of the county, to verity continued compliance with the Chapter 157 or this chapter as applicable.
   (E)   Additional inspections shall be conducted as necessary in the event of complaints and shall not replace the noted inspections outlined in this section.
(Ord. passed 5-2-2016)