(A)   The Planning and Zoning Administrator or his or her designee shall be advised in writing within 30 days by the solar farm operator or property owners (whichever entity/party holds the development and building permits) in the event the project is sold or otherwise transferred to another entity/party and/or the current operator/owner abandons the project.
   (B)   At the time of applying for permits, the applicant (solar farm developer or property owner) shall include a decommissioning plan with the anticipated life expectancy of the solar farm and the anticipated cost in current dollars, as well as the method(s) of insuring that funds will be available for decommissioning and restoration of the project site to its original, natural condition prior to the solar farm development.
   (C)   If the site is damaged, the solar farm operator shall have 12 months to bring the project back to its operational capacity. If for any reason the solar farm is not generating electricity after six months, the operator shall have six months to complete decommissioning of the solar farm in compliance with division (B) above.
   (D)   In the event of bankruptcy or similar financial default of the solar farm, the property owner of the project site shall bear the decommissioning costs.
(Ord. passed 5-2-2016)