Upon adoption of the resolution:
   (A)   Planning/Zoning and Code Enforcement Department shall send the owner(s) of the landmark, as identified by current tax records, written notice of such designation of adoption of the resolution by certified mail, return receipt requested;
   (B)   The HPC shall file one copy of the resolution and any subsequent amendments thereto, in the office of the county’s Register of Deeds. The Register of Deeds shall index each historic landmark according to the name of the owner(s) in the grantee and grantor indexes;
   (C)   All tax maps and applicable geographic information systems (GIS) maintained by the county shall clearly indicate the designation of a building, structure, site, area, or object as a historic landmark for as long as the designation remains in effect; and
   (D)   The Planning/Zoning and Code Enforcement Department shall notify the Tax Assessor of the county of the landmark designation. The Assessor shall consider the designation and any recorded restriction on the landmark in appraising it for tax purposes.
(Ord. passed 6-22-2009)