(A)   Once the designation report has been prepared, either by the HPC or by the property owner(s), and is deemed by the Planning/Zoning and Code Enforcement Department to meet the provisions of § 154.019, the HPC shall consider the report. The HPC may accept it, amend it, reject it, or recommend further study. Prior to final action on a designation report, the HPC shall indicate the extent to which the landmark meets the criteria for designation in § 154.041. The HPC should consider any comments received in writing from the NCDCR, Division of Archives and History or its successor agency.
   (B)   If the NCDCR, Division of Archives and History does not submit its written comments or recommendations in connection with any proposed designation within 30 days following receipt of the report, the HPC and Board of Commissioners shall be relieved of any responsibility to consider such comments.
   (C)   After the expiration of the 30-day comment period given the NCDCR, Division of Archives and History, the HPC may recommend to the Board of Commissioners that the property be designated as a historic landmark.
(Ord. passed 6-22-2009)