(A)   The HPC shall make, or cause to be made, an investigation and report that includes all the information contained in this section.
   (B)   Applications prepared by property owner(s) will be judged by the same criteria as those prepared by the HPC:
      (1)   The name(s) of the property to be considered for designation; both common and historic names, if they can be determined;
      (2)   The name(s) and address of the current property owner(s);
      (3)   The location of the property proposed to be designated historic, including the street address, county tax map and parcel numbers, and/or the parcel identification number;
      (4)   The date of construction and of any later alterations, if any, if they can be determined;
      (5)   An assessment of the significance of the site or structure pursuant to the section on criteria for designation;
      (6)   An architectural and/or archaeological description of the area of the site or structure proposed to be designated. If outbuildings or other appurtenant features are proposed to be designated, the report shall contain a description of those features;
      (7)   A historical discussion of the site or structure within its type, period, and locality;
      (8)   A photograph, current and historic if available, that clearly depicts the property proposed to be designated and supplementary photographs showing facades, details, and site layout; and
      (9)   A map showing the location of the property, including any outbuildings and appurtenant features.
(Ord. passed 6-22-2009)