(A)   Installation and maintenance. All public and private road name signs that are outside of municipal jurisdictions and required by this chapter shall be installed and maintained by the Warren County Maintenance Department. All public and private road name signs required by this chapter within a municipality's jurisdiction will be maintained by the municipality. Road signs shall be posted within 60 days after the name is approved.
   (B)   Sign standards. Road name signs shall meet the following standards.
      (1)   All road name sign blades shall be a minimum six-inch vertical dimension sign with a minimum of four-inch letters.
      (2)   Road name signs or “blades” shall be made of a reflective green sheeting with the road name in reflective silver letters on both sides. Sign blades shall meet the quality standards of signs produced by the North Carolina Prison Enterprises for governmental agencies. See Appendix B of this chapter for prison enterprises sign standards. Signs shall be located at the quadrant of an intersection which provides the best readability to traffic. When named roads also have a NCDOT Secondary Road number, it will also be shown on the sign blade.
      (3)   The Warren County Maintenance Department will maintain a database of all road name signs that will include: the date of installation (if known), wording, and other related records.
      (4)   Staff of the Sheriff's Office, staff of other county or municipal departments, and emergency response personnel in the county will notify the Warren County Maintenance Department when road signs are damaged or down. Citizens should also be encouraged to report road sign problems. The Warren County Maintenance Department will in turn, notify the proper jurisdiction and track the original reporting date, date of notification, and the date repair or installation is complete.
(Ord. passed 11-6-2000; Ord. passed 1-5-2004; Ord. passed 3-11-2019; Ord. passed 6-7-2021)