(A)    New names that relate to the history, location, or name of a project area, shall be given priority consideration. Road names that are appropriate, pleasant sounding, easy to read, and simple to pronounce shall be promoted. Words commonly recognized as vulgarities or obscenities will not be allowed.
   (B)   Road names should not consist of more than three words (not including the road name suffix, such as St., Rd., and Ave.). No road name may contain a directional word (such as north, south, east, or west) as a separate word in the name. The directional prefix for a road name will not be considered a part of the official road name; rather, it is a separate indicator associated with the road name, as is the road name suffix. Roads with hyphenated names may be used when necessary. All road names must meet the specifications set by the United States Postal Service for proper addressing.
(Ord. passed 11-6-2000; Ord. passed 1-5-2004; Ord. passed 3-11-2019; Ord. passed 6-7-2021)