(A)    All numerical identifications must be easily identifiable without obstruction of view.
   (B)   Any dwelling or business located at more than 100 feet from the roadway and/or not clearly visible shall be required to have numerical posting at both the entrance of driveway and located in close proximity to the front door or entrance way.
   (C)   The post height of three feet and a minimum size of four inches by four inches pressure-treated material, will be required for all entrances or private drives that require numerical posting. A mailbox will be suitable, as long as it is placed at the entranceway to the property or is directly across the road from the entranceway and is not located within 20 feet of another mailbox. Numbers on mailboxes shall conform to the same size as structure numbers (four inches in height) and shall be visible from both sides of the mailbox.
(Ord. passed 11-6-2000; Ord. passed 1-5-2004; Ord. passed 3-11-2019; Ord. passed 6-7-2021)