(a)   Buildings which are constructed or remodeled without windows or with glass block panels or similar closures, making access through exterior walls unduly difficult for firemen, and in which buildings are not equipped with an automatic sprinkler system, shall have access panels on each floor level designed for Fire Department access from ladders for the purpose of rescuing trapped occupants and for ventilation.  Access panels shall conform to the following and shall be:
(1)   In each story which is not more than fifty feet above grade and where accessible for firefighting through exterior walls, panels shall be located not more than fifty feet apart where physical conditions permit and conditions of fire hazard make advisable.  Sills shall not be more than three feet above floor level;
(2)   Not less than twenty-four inches wide by forty-two inches high;
(3)   Constructed or equipped so that they can be opened or broken through by firemen without undue delay;
(4)   Designed or marked for ready identification by firemen.
   (b)   Buildings which are constructed or remodeled without windows or with only glass block panels or with similar closures, having less than two exterior walls which contain access panels which are accessible for Fire Department ladders on each floor shall be equipped with an approved automatic sprinkler system.
(Ord. 10355/92.  Passed 2-12-92.)