(a)   In making any decision varying or modifying any provisions of this Zoning Ordinance or in granting an exception to the district regulations, the Board of Zoning Appeals shall impose such restrictions, terms, time limitations, landscaping, improvement of off-street parking lots, and other appropriate safeguards as required to protect adjoining property.
   (b)   In lieu of actual construction of an approved off-street parking log, the Board of Zoning Appeals may accept, in the name of the city, a corporate surety bond, cashier's check, escrow account, or other like security in an amount to be fixed by the city and conditioned upon actual completion of such improvement within a specified time, and the Governing Body may enforce such bond by all equitable means. Bonds or other security shall be filed with the City Clerk.
   (c)   Review of a Special Use Permit for an exceptional use shall be considered by the City of Wamego, Board of Zoning Appeals, with regard to revoking the permit if a review petition stating problems with regards to exceptional use has been submitted and signed by 50% of all owners of property within the city boundary located within 200 feet of the premises whereon the exceptional use is conducted, and if said premises is located outside or adjacent to the City Boundary, owners of property outside the city boundary located within 1,000 feet of said premises.